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This game explores boredom and survival. The game itself is not hard, the hard part is willing yourself to play the game for a long time, whoever has the strongest will power will get the high score in this game. In the days of ADHD this video game is harder than you think. Good luck lasting for a long time in here...

Move with the arrow keys and avoid the falling dots the game is simple. The hard part is proving you have the energy and stamina to play the game. This videogame really does show that we live in a society...

Install instructions

This is a game about boredom and drowsiness, do you have the energy to play it? Use the arrow keys to move and avoid the falling dots. Download the exe and click show more and run the game.


Moon Cycles.exe 24 MB


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I am impressed yet again. Let's get straight to the point: this game is boring. That's the whole idea, though. When you play the game, you want to quit, but in order to continue, you need intense concentration. Getting a high score is not a matter of skill or strategy; it is a matter of dedication. Normally, you play video games for fun and not not for testing real-life skills, but that is exactly what this game is. It is the anti-video game. Is this what normal video games play in their spare time? Anyway, what you get out of this game depends on what you put into it. The only exception is at moon cycle 30 when you get to see a super-rare image of the expanded Joe Capo PFP. I had to censor it in Google Draw for spoiler reasons, but trust me it is well worth the wait. You will never think of Joe Capo the same way again (Hint: the number 1038 is related to this). I think it is RNG if you see it, since it took me 3 times of getting to cycle 30 before I saw it. This game deserves a solid 9/10.

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You won't believe what happens at 30 moon cycles