A downloadable liminal reality for Windows

A liminal space is a place between two worlds... a forgotten location... a fading memory... similar to the backrooms but not exactly the same thing..

Story: You wake up one day in a strangely familiar room, though you've never been here before... you can feel a sense of nostalgia for this house... unsettling and uncomfortable too.

WASD = Move.

Mouse = Look Around.

Space bar = Interact.

Press the square for fullscreen and spacebar to start the game.

Install instructions

Windows only... press the squarebutton to full screen. ESC. to exit frum dis gaemu


liminal.exe 26 MB


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-Made a Video.

-The Game: 00:06 (The 1st Game)

"reminds me of baldi's basic, but this is shorter than i though."

my computer says its a threat and deleted it?????


Reminds me of Baldi’s Basics and I love it

Im having problems with the sensibility, could you fix this in the next update?


Reminds me of something...




good start. made you a lil video: