A downloadable night for Windows

Uh oh, no, ah, you got a new job at Kekcroc's Rainbow Factory but something here isn't right, now you are in a maze and need to escape! Game has jumpscares. This is a super duper pooper scoopers difficult maze game alright.

Check out: https://itch.io/jam/kekcroc-jam

Install instructions

This is a horror game, that's based on having bugs!!!


KRF.exe 16 MB


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Hi can I interview you? I am making a documentary on this masterpiece and want to know your backstory. (Im serious)

ok sure.


Please respond

my twitter is joecapoyt you can interview me there if you want lol.




i love joe capo

Bro please make a version for mac plzz


I didn't get to play, my firewall detected malware so it blocked this. I would not recommend unless you want malware on your computer

i trust the dude

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i will give it another try, but if it happens again i will not play

Edit: Ok it must have just been a problem with my computer, it works perfectly fine, no malware or anything


its because it software that isnt recognized and it doesnt have any safety certificates or whatever they use to verify that something like a program isnt malware, the program is more raw if u can think of it that way and the computer just has no idea what it is so it plays safe by saying its malware even though there is to solid proof of it being malware.

happens a lot with some games, just allow it and youll be fine. all the games ive seen on itch.io and got that popup were safe

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What engine did you use?


This is a nice, quick, game. There's not much to say, its got a couple levels and simple gameplay. I also like how Kekcroc gets faster as you get to later levels, which makes it more challenging. Also, I don't know if this is an intended "bug" or not, but you can just skip every level by pressing the "I" key. You know what would be cool? If the game glitched out intentionally in one part and you got sent to the backrooms. Anyway, I am still glad to see Kekcroc in his creative settings. I don't know if the game was purposely made this way, but it kind of reminds me of that bonus mode from Kuper Kekcroc Cart for the Sega CD. The only difference was that you play as Kekcroc and you're the one that has to stop the employee from fooling around. Overall, this gets a 7/10. Pretty good and scary, I wet my Kekcrotch.



und spooky


Eset flags it as malware