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Cooking! With Kekcroc

This PC Remake is a modern remake of an old classic 3-D video game for the Sega Saturn! The Kekcroc series is a lost media series from 1993-1999, it was developed by Kekcorp with most of the main series of games releasing on Genesis as well as some spin-off games like Kekcroc's Krazy Cooking for example... and also, the game has sudden images and loud noises in it. This game is hard. Oh, and be warned because most people who remember playing the game are unable to find any of their old copies, and several players who completed the game were reported missing, and also, the game series did not ever sell well because of complaints about lazy developers and poor controls. Anyways, this game is sure-to-be fun for the whole family! 

This is my own remake of the beloved game from late 1995, teach Kekcroc how to cook in this wonderous 3-D spinoff-game. You just have to earn 1500 crocodollars and speak to the guitar salesman in the back of the map to win the game. There are many different customers with different orders and behaviors, give each customer what they want in time or else they will get very angry. The more you make a customer wait the angrier they become. 


Use the WASD keys to turn and move. Press SPACE to interact with various things, and to serve customers after you have made their order. The P key will fire your trusty croc-plunger which you can use to defend yourself against any angry customers that come your way. Press the Q key to quit a game and return to the title screen. Navigate the game's menu with the arrow keys, the escape key, and the enter button.


Original game by Kekcorp, original release date of September 3, 1995. Remake by Joe Capo, September 1, 2019.

About the Creator

Joe Capo (AKA "the inventor of all memes and every meme in the whole world") is a certified LWIAY-poster being featured over five times in LWIAY. Joe Capo is a moderator of PewDiePie's YouTube channel. Joe Capo has invented many internet memes, like the Oats meme which eventually became the Loops meme and the Moth meme, Joe Capo even literally made the Shaggy meme, and even many more other memes too he reached 11 million views in YouTube and 50,500 subscribers before deleting all of his videos, for the meme... lol.

Playtesters and Quality Control... (lol!)

  • Joe Capo
  • AlphaWolfZer0

Title and Logo

  • The game's title and logo were not made by Joe Capo, they were gifted to Joe Capo by "Kekcroc95"

Install instructions

Dude, literally just install the executable and run it... "Cooking With Kekroc.exe."

Rock Around the Croc!!!


Kekcrocs Krazy Cooking.exe 91 MB


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I have made so many bad kekcroc ripoffs. krf is still the best kekcroc fan game and this is good too


The all that started the classic


The classic that started it all

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sorry is creepy and is... Cool thank'!


i love it!


I liked the creepy pasta vibe of the game. How do I get bread ?


You go near the bread box and you should see a "Press Space to get Bread" Press space to get the Bread