A downloadable puzzle for Windows

Use the arrow keys to move, you will not win. You have never played a game this hard. Avoid red, seek green.

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorJoe Capo
GenreRacing, Puzzle
TagsDifficult, Funny, maze, Puzzle-Platformer, PuzzleScript, Retro


H.exe 58 MB


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I wouldn't call this "The World's" because if you search online, this wouldn't show.




I agree with you Suspense_Comix


What a great game to test the skills of 3-D video-game players young and old alike! The controls are simple and intuitive, the graphics are good enough, but the challenge is what makes this game stand out. There are so many obstacles bouncing around that you need to put not only your head but your heart into the game. Progress, in life and in this game, is only made through suffering and sacrifice. Nothing is free. That may sound grim, but that is the truth, and the truth is reality. Everyone realizes this at some point in their lives, and by playing this game you can discover it sooner. I beat the game with about 160 deaths, so I paid for it with the blood of a small village. Anyway, I would still say that "Janitor Simulator" is waaaaay harder than this. I give it 8/10.

oh it's the shrek wonderland review guy