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made a video. this game was hard XD


First time I was jumpscared in a while... I am grateful how different images of shrek were burnt into my retinas each level. Very good, I rate it three onions out of blue stars


ppl are still making lousy shitpost shrek games as ": memes " huh? really thought this trend died off. 

hey vanJ your image is so cute and im laug

noooooooooo my heart is doing this tuctutuctu

Lol pretty good game. Check out my video on it!


You had me screaming for 10 solid minutes D: 


This is art




the game itself probably the spoiler for shrek 5

I approve!

This game is very funny and clever. I Like the references on the signs and the way it is made into a funny horror game. The only way I could add any constructive criticism is that you should make it less repetitive, each level is the same as the last except for the maze style. Other than that, well done!

I agree!

hit fun button: O

I played your game (I started at the 2:30 second mark) for about 30 minutes 

lol :I

ok you changed the skin of the second level

Does anybody know how to get past donkey? He is so fast i usually die before seeing him.

Nevermind i just lost all my progress RIP


The classic that started it all.

ah yes, i see. very well