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Super Mario Plumbing:

Have you ever wondered what life is like for Mario when he's not saving the princess? This game allows you to assume Mario's day job as a plumber!


Click on the toilet plunger with perfect timing as the 'M' balls cross on-top of the red ring, when the ring turns green, click the plunger to plunge the clog down, if you click at the wrong time the poop will come back up and if you do a bad job then you will get a 1 star review online and your business will be ruined.

See how far you can get without destroying the good name of Mario's plumbing business!!! WAHOO!!!!!!!


Super Mario Plumbing Simulator.exe 93 MB


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Nice work! I instantly died on mickey, but up to there was pretty neat. Waluigi and Dry Bone's toilets were pretty tedious, but Bowser's felt like a proper boss fight. If you want people to complete your game, I'd recommenced adding a save feature.

I think bite sized, unique projects like this don't get enough credit. Nobody's going to make it if they spend all their time making their dream game, shipping completed products is the most valuable skill a game dev can have.