A downloadable PC Game for Windows

A game called Shrek's Basics in Education and Learning is a Baldi-parody, collect all seven onions before Shrek kills you. The more layers in your onion the more angerier shrek gets. If shronke catches u it's game over so avoid him while you still can... and this game also has jumpscares and flashing images and LOUD noises! Press the W.A.S.&D. keys (the letter keys on your keyboard device) to move... and look around too!

Also you should check out this link:  https://itch.io/jam/kekcroc-jam

And maybe even: https://joecapo.itch.io/se2 while you're at it as well...


Install instructions

Nah, it's not a virus just click to run the game after you click "Download" it's free... SHREK IS COMING FOR YOU!

THIS GAME should be a BREEZE  for YOU to beat...



ShreksBasics.exe 32 MB


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Lol this is my first time playing Baldi's Basics and I really don't think that the original can top this one. I like how Shrek and Donkey both come for your blood, as it increases the challenge and you have to constantly be aware of both their locations. It is very tense if you don't see them when you turn the corner. The only thing is I wish you had to do more than just stand next to the onions to pick them up. It would be cool if you had to answer Shrek trivia or something. It gets an 8/10.


this is better than fnaf